Coronavirus Food Assistance Program to Help Farmers and Ranchers

May 20, 2020, 4:31 p.m. ·


President Trump announced the details of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program earlier this week. $16 billion is going directly to farmers and ranchers to make up for lost revenue.

Richard Fordyce is the administrator of the Farm Service Agency and said the aid will be helpful to agriculture producers who have been financially affected by the virus, but it won’t fully compensate them for their losses.

“When you have a scenario where just about every sector in agriculture is impacted, and you spread $16 billion out over all of those sectors," Fordyce said. "It doesn't make up for all of the losses, but certainly it will be a help."

Fordyce said the United States Department of Agriculture will begin taking applications starting May 26. Only those who have suffered losses of 5% or greater due to the virus will be eligible.