Community Organizers and LPD Will Announce "Hold Cops Accountable" Plan

June 2, 2020, 5:30 p.m. ·

Police and community organizers kneel together after laying flowers at a memorial for George Floyd at the Malone Community Center. (Photo by Allison Mollenkamp, NET News)

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Community organizers and Lincoln police will announce a “Hold Cops Accountable” plan Wednesday afternoon.

Police and community organizers announced they are working on the plan at a wreath-laying Tuesday afternoon at the Malone Community Center in Lincoln, where there’s a memorial for George Floyd and other victims of police violence.

The plan will include a role for the Lincoln Police Department's disciplinary board, as well as for community members and the police chief.

Community organizer Ishma Valenti said he and other stakeholders are continuing to meet with police to discuss concrete actions around police violence against black people.

"The LPD is committed to doing more to make sure that not only these atrocities don’t happen here but that we can influence them not to happen other places," Valenti said. "I’ve been talking with these LPD leaders, and the chief here unabashedly tells me we do know and believe Black lives matter."

Community organizers and police laid flowers at the memorial and took a knee together.