College World Series increases sex trafficking in Omaha

June 24, 2017, 8:45 a.m. ·

One of the cutouts that will be displayed during the College World Series to provide information about trafficking. (courtesy photo)

The College World Series brings baseball, fans and lots of excitement to Omaha. But it also brings an increase in sex trafficking.

Learn more about sex trafficking in Nebraska through the NET News "Sold for Sex" project, which includes two documentaries:

Displays like this will provide information on sex trafficking during the College World Series. (courtesy photo)


"Speaking of Nebraska" discussion program on human trafficking

NET News story: "Sex trafficking haunts Nebraska events" (June 2014)

"When you bring large groups of individuals together, especially if individuals are coming from out of town, we know that there's oftentimes, oh, 'I can do this and nobody may find out. I've got disposable income,' and so it definitely just naturally increases the sex trafficking that happens," said Meghan Malik, trafficking project manager for the Women's Fund of Omaha. "We've seen this over the course of the NBA finals. We've seen this over the College World Series and the Super Bowl. So we're fortunate to have an event like the College World Series in Nebraska. But we have to be ready for it."

The Women's Fund is part of an Omaha coalition that is raising awareness of sex trafficking through a campaign during the College World Series. This includes silhouettes of individuals with local sex trafficking statistics placed at Eppley Airfield, hotels and Westroads Mall.

"You will see cut-outs in hotels that have information about sex trafficking. You'll see bus wraps. Just facts about this is happening and knowing to look out for this," Malik said.

"I think it's important with the College World Series to know that it's not just an Omaha issue, because there's a ripple effect across the entire state during this time period," added Alicia Webber, Omaha Salvation Army SAFE-T program manager. "So everybody really does need to be watching for this in Nebraska."

Malik and Webber talked about the connection between trafficking and the College World Series during this episode of the NET News "Speaking of Nebraska" program.