College of Saint Mary Plans Drive-Through Celebration for Graduates

May 15, 2020, 4:50 p.m. ·


The College of Saint Mary will host a drive-through celebration this weekend for graduating students.

Faculty and staff will line up in masks to give students who drive through the parking lot their graduation caps and other gifts.

College of Saint Mary President Maryanne Stevens says students have put in a lot of hard work.

"We just wanted to celebrate them and it’s just a way for us to say thank you to them for choosing College of Saint Mary and how proud we are of them," Stevens said. "And it’s a way for them to see the faculty and the staff who they have come to know over the years and to see those people saying we are just so proud of you."

The College hopes to hold a formal graduation August 2, either in one large ceremony or in small groups spread around campus.