Bryan Health Announces New Cancer Center in Lincoln

Nov. 18, 2020, 1:07 p.m. ·

Artist rendering of new Bryan Cancer Center in Lincoln. (Courtesy of Bryan Health)

Bryan Health says it will build a new $45 million,140,000 square foot cancer center on the south side of Lincoln, with construction to begin as soon as next summer. Bryan Cancer Center will be situated on the new Bryan South Campus on 30 acres along 40th Street just south of Yankee Hill Road.

“It will remove what we hear is the biggest issue facing those going through cancer, and that is a confusing fragmentation of services while they try to get through their course of treatment,” said Bryan Health President and CEO Russ Gronewold. “It’s also going to provide the highest level of cancer care in the area with a prioritization on personalization.”

$10 million of the cost of the cancer center will come from private donations. More than $7 million of that has already been raised. The land for the cancer center was donated by a Lincoln family. It could be complete sometime in 2023.