Better Together: Two Omaha Art Nonprofits Merge

July 21, 2021, 3 p.m. ·

Brochure cover with photos highlighting the New WhyArts
(Photo courtesy of WhyArts)

Earlier this month two Omaha-area arts nonprofits merged into one. Arts in Motion, known for dance, will now be a part of WhyArts, which provides art opportunities for people living with disabilities. Executive Director Kim Jubenville said the two organizations had similar missions, and with an extra push due to the pandemic, joining forces seemed like a good fit.

Jubenville said Arts in Motion's method of teaching social-emotional learning through ballroom dancing was appealing to WhyArts. She said it aligns with the core of what they do.

"We use art to create conversations about inclusivity. We don't necessarily want to create the next best Van Gogh, or artist, or Meryl Streep. We're really about using art as a communication tool because it's an opportunity for us to create social-emotional learning opportunities."

Graphic with a dancing animal focusing on a new WhyArts project
"If you're a person who is living with a disability there are some unique challenges with how you get ready for a big dance. Number one do you know how to dance? Do you know how to ask someone to dance? So we created 'Across the Floor' which we piloted this year," Executive Director Kim Jubenville said. (Photo courtesy of WhyArts)

Jubenville said the nonprofits will not be going anywhere, they will simply be combining their existing programs and even creating new ones. The first collaboration being “Across the Floor” teaching different aspects of dance to adults living with disabilities.

She said she expects the organization to grow in the next few years, and they are excited for what’s ahead.