Ballot Drop Boxes in Lancaster County Increase From One to 11

Sept. 24, 2020, 12:40 p.m. ·

Lancaster County Election Commissioner shows what the envelopes containing ballots will look like when the arrive in the mail. (Credit: LNK TV)

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Lancaster County voters will have significantly more options for dropping off an early ballot compared to previous elections.

Ballot drop boxes will be available at all eight branches of the Lincoln City Libraries, as well as at city offices in Waverly and Hickman.

Previously, voters could only submit early ballots by mail or at a single drop box at the Lancaster County election office.

Election Commissioner Dave Shively says they sent a mail-in ballot application to every registered voter last month, and the request form is also available online.

"If you’ve requested for previous elections, you still have to send in a request for this election," Shively said. "Voters sometimes get confused and think they always vote by mail and think they’re always going to mail it out. But we do have to have a form request returned to us."

The 11 ballot drop-boxes in the county will be open through the end of business on Monday, November 2 – the day before the election.

Shively says the locked boxes are secure and will be collected every week day.

Find details on how to register and vote at