Attorney Says Husker Football Players Still Want Answers on Season Cancellation

Aug. 25, 2020, 2:22 p.m. ·


A Norfolk attorney says he’d still like to have a conversation with Big 10 officials after a Monday deadline passed for them to turn over materials from a meeting earlier this month that ended the fall football season. Mike Flood represents 11 Nebraska Cornhusker football players who want more answers on why the season was cancelled on short notice.

“Our hope is that we can establish contact with them because this is about transparency,” Flood said. “The parents that I’ve been talking to and now their sons, are interested and I think deserve to know how the decision was made, what information was relied upon and then how did each president and or chancellor vote on the decision whether to cancel sports.”

Flood has threatened a lawsuit if the Big 10 doesn’t provide information about what happened at the August 11th meeting. He says some of the parents of the players haven’t made up their minds about whether the season should have been played or not.

“One of these player’s mothers said to me, ‘Mike, I may change my mind. If I have the benefit of seeing what they saw before they voted, I may support it. This is my son. I love him. Nobody has his safety in mind more than me. I’m just having a hard time understanding why it happened this way, why it was so abrupt'."

Flood says he hasn’t filed a lawsuit yet and still hopes to hear from the Big 10 about the information it had that caused it to cancel the season. A number of other big conferences, including the SEC, still plan to play in the fall.