Attorney for Families Suing the Bennington School District Says It's About Fairness for Girl Athletes

Feb. 23, 2021, 5:28 p.m. ·

Bennington Girls High School basketball team. (Photo courtesy of Bennington Badgers athletics)

The attorney representing three families suing the Bennington School District over what they see as unequal treatment of girl and boy athletes said it’s all about fairness. Tennessee-based attorney Sam Schiller has handled Title IX cases for 25 years and said the Bennington case is not about monetary gain.

“The parents here are not looking for money, they’re not looking for punitive damages, any kind of damages. They just want what’s best for their kids. They’re just looking for this to be fixed,” Schiller said.

The parents say girl athletes and teams are forced to practice earlier than boys and have inferior equipment and facilities. Schiller said he’s worked on around 100 similar cases and school districts across the country have settled in each of those cases.

“I think eventually what happens is the school district recognizes what they need to do and they address the issues and the kids win which I think is the most important thing to keep our eye on the ball,” Schiller said. “It’s all about the kids. Not just about the girls, it’s about all the kids.”

Schiller said in all his cases, boy’s sports have not been harmed by changes in policy. NET News reached out to the Bennington Schools superintendent for comment but didn’t hear back. The school board is expected to discuss the lawsuit at its March 8th meeting.