Arnold, Nebraska Hosts 21st ‘Sandhills Open Road Challenge’ this Weekend

Aug. 12, 2021, 1:08 p.m. ·

Red sports car is in the focus of the frame. Numerous people talk to each other, walk around, and look at the cars behind the line of cars.
A car show, a straight one-mile race, and another race through Calloway, Nebraska are also included in this weekend's activities. (Photo by Cheryl Carson, Arnold Economic Development Corporation)

The 21st Sandhills Open Road Challenge is this weekend in Arnold, Nebraska. More than 100 cars enter the 55-mile race starting in the town northeast of North Platte. The challenge is one of three open road races in the country, meaning an actual road or highway is used for the course.

Cheryl Carson with the Arnold Economic Development Corporation said a lot of people make the event possible.

“In order to pull something off like this, it takes an entire community to do it,” she said. “I know they have usually on average about 300-and-some volunteers that help with this every year.”

Carson said many of the same participants return each year and create lifelong friendships with volunteers.

Carson said businesses in Arnold and surrounding communities such as Calloway see the benefits of having thousands of people flock to the area for the weekend.

All proceeds go toward scholarship funds, improving local services, and other community improvement projects.