All 93 Nebraska counties and Governor sued by election skeptic

Nov. 30, 2022, 3:50 p.m. ·

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Every county election official in Nebraska is being sued by one man.

Rick Hill of Lincoln believes dark forces conspired to elect President Joe Biden in 2020.

According to the complaint filed in Lancaster District Court, he claims, without documentation or attribution, that an elite group of "globalists" manipulated the results of the recent elections in Nebraska. He states Republican Gov.-elect Jim Pillen and Lincoln's Democrat mayor, Leirion Gaylor Baird, were selected by a secret "cabal."

Heading from the lawsuit filed by Rick Hill
Heading from the lawsuit filed by Rick Hill against election officials.

The Omaha-based voting equipment company Election Systems & Software, a popular target of individuals falsely claiming Donald Trump lost the last presidential election, is also named a defendant.

The lawsuit seeks relief from every county election official in the state. Hill's court filing asks the judge to require local sheriffs to collect the ballots cast in recent elections and conduct a "forensic audit." He demands the state legislature change the law and require the use of hand-counted paper ballots in future elections.

Hill, initially sought $1 billion in damages. In a later court filing, he upped his request to $10 billion "based on the price of Gold and Silver at the start of this suit."

In response, the Nebraska Attorney General filed a motion asking the lawsuit be dropped, claiming the allegations are "without any factual basis to support them." Douglas and Lancaster County, acting on behalf of their election commissioners, filed similar objections.

In a separate filing, the attorney for Election Systems argues Hill has no legal standing to make such demands. The company's brief states, "he has asserted nothing but generalized grievances about government and has not articulated a particular harm he has suffered different than the harm supposedly suffered by the general population."

The company adds the arguments are similar to those raised and "uniformly rejected and dismissed" in other courts around the country.

Eighty-three smaller Nebraska counties have agreed to be represented collectively by an attorney retained by their insurance agency, the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (NIRMA). Through a pool of funds collected from the local governments, the organization provides legal assistance beyond what the individual county attorneys can address.

Since receiving notice of the lawsuit in September, county commissioners across the state voted to authorize NIRMA to act on behalf of the election commissioners. According to News Channel Nebraska, Gage County Attorney Roger Harris told the Board of Commissioners the allegations are "preposterous."

"All I know is it ends up costing the taxpayer's money," Harris said during the board meeting. "It also has an effect on the trust that people have in our government, and that's unfortunate."

Some counties have already demanded Hill pay the legal fees for a "frivolous" lawsuit.

In the original brief, Hill writes paragraph after paragraph interweaving unfounded accusations about international billionaires, child prostitution, and the risk of Covid vaccines killing 90% of the world's population. Hill theorizes the forces behind those efforts manipulated the nation's elections to install leaders sympathetic to their ends.

"The elected officials of this state think we have fair and honest elections," Hill wrote in his court filing. "That tells me they are in on the corruption."

Hill is representing himself without an attorney.

All the parties will appear before Lancaster County District Court Judge Andrew Jacobsen on Dec. 19 for a first hearing.

A section of Rick Hill's lawsuit, containing unsubstantiated claims against government officials.
A section of Rick Hill's lawsuit, containing unsubstantiated claims against government officials.