After a Difficult Year, One Facebook Group Has a Message for Nebraskans: “You Got This”

Dec. 11, 2020, 3:42 p.m. ·


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Many families are struggling this holiday, but one online group of Nebraskans is making sure more people have gifts to open on Christmas day.

In March, Sue Quakenbush of Lincoln started the ‘You Got This’ Facebook group. She was struggling with depression, and said the group became a safe space for people in the community to support each other. The group now has over 2,600 members.

"I wanted it to be uplifting and positive and just let others know, whether it's depression or with the COVID, that we're not alone," she said.

You may have seen yard signs made by the group reading ‘You Got This’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’. That’s how the group first gained attention, but Quakenbush said members have also organized volunteer efforts this year, including Thanksgiving grocery baskets for families in need. This Christmas, the group is matching over 60 families with donors who will give them Christmas gifts.

"They've been laid off, or they lost their job, or they're just getting back to work or they themselves were sick, and they missed like three or four weeks of work, but for the most part, it is with the whole COVID that families are just not able to have Christmas," she said.

Families filled out a survey asking for "a want, a need, and a read.” Quakenbush said she’s gotten messages from adopters saying their children are excited to wrap the presents. At least 47 families still need sponsors.

"Everybody knows that Christmas is big for kids, especially the kids," she said. "If they could find it financially, it wouldn't have to be a lot maybe they can't sponsor a whole family but they wanted to donate just $25, $50 or, or even $5, it would be awesome because any little bit helps."

Interested volunteers can sign up here, and for anybody else who just needs a pick me up in these difficult times, Quakenbush said she wants to remind everyone that we’re in this together. We’ve got this.