2020 Nebraska Babies to Receive a Saving Pledge Contribution for College Education

March 30, 2021, 4:14 p.m. ·

(Photo illustration courtesy of the Nebraska Treasurer's Office)

Starting in April, the Nebraska State Treasurer's office will give a $50 Meadowlark Savings Pledge account contribution to each Nebraska baby born in 2020. Signed into law by Governor Pete Ricketts in 2019, the Meadowlark Program is designed to help families pay for higher education. Nebraska State Treasurer John Murante said according to research, a child with a college savings account under $500 is still four times more likely to graduate college than a child without one.

"$500 to pay for a college education isn't much, but it does provide kids hope for the future that post-secondary education is attainable," Murante said. "It creates a college-bound identity and puts them on a track to making the right decisions. There are many opportunities out there, but it puts them on the right path."

Each child is automatically enrolled in the Meadowlark program, which is free and requires no additional paperwork. The baby will have the account in their name for future education expenses, and parents can add to the fund over time. For more information, visit https://nest529.com/meadowlark/.