18-Hole, Private Golf Course To Be Built In Nebraska Sandhills

Jan. 19, 2022, 12:28 p.m. ·

A golf club preparing to hit a golf ball next to the hole with grass and trees in the background.
(Photo by Nadim Shaikh from Pexels)

A Lincoln company is building a private, 18-hole golf course in the Nebraska Sand Hills.

Gary Person is the president and CEO of the North Platte Area Chamber Development Corporation, which is endorsing the project.

He confirms the course will be built by Lincoln-based Dormie Network because of their past work building courses "the right way,” that is using the geography of the land.

"The old theory was you moved a mountain of dirt, and reshaped it and repurposed it,” Person said. “But with the natural beauty of the Sand Hills and the rolling hills, just the general culture of the geography here- they'll use it to shape the golf course around the natural beauty of Mother Nature."

Person says the chamber believes the club, and the clientele it attracts, will provide an economic boost to the area when it opens.

"You know, you've got to have a thriving economy," Person said. "That thriving economy makes for a thriving community... which makes for a healthy family environment and a wonderful place to raise families and work and play."

According to the North Platte Telegraph, the course will be located a few miles north of Maxwell, Nebraska in Lincoln County and is scheduled to be finished by 2024.

The newspaper also reports the facility will include lodging and a restaurant.