153 New COVID-19 Cases Reported, Nebraska's Largest One-Day Increase Yet

April 18, 2020, 6:31 p.m. ·

A model from UNMC shows a projected curve of COVID-19 cases, assuming April 19 is the state's peak: the most number of single-day case confirmations. (UNMC)

State health officials reported 153 new cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska on Saturday, the largest single day increase since the coronavirus pandemic began.

There are now at least 1,287 cases in the state. Four additional deaths reported Saturday bring the state's fatality total to 28.

Hall County remains the county with the most cases, with 468 as of 2pm.

Douglas County is the state's most populous county, and has 283 cases as of 4pm.

A model from the University of Nebraska Medical Center provides projected number of cases and deaths in the state based on the inflection point, which is the largest single day number of confirmed COVID cases.

If the inflection point is April 19, the model predicts:

  • 2,714 cases by mid-July
  • 61 deaths by mid-July

If the inflection point is April 25, the model predicts:

  • 4,301 cases
  • 98 deaths

If the inflection point is April 30, the model predicts:

  • 6,424 cases
  • 147 deaths

The model is dynamic and changes each time the number of confirmed cases is updated.


A chart from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services shows the number of new COVID-19 cases confirmed each day in April. The previous highest number of single-day confirmations was 98 on April 12.

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