Expedition Nebraska

A Natural History VR Experience

Expedition Nebraska WebXR Title Card

In collaboration with the University of Nebraska State Museum, Nebraska Public Media Labs presents Expedition Nebraska. This WebXR experience launches with two exhibits on opposite sides of an open air courtyard, which itself has exhibit pieces to explore.

"The Museum Builders" is set in the very first museum space, a room in the University's original building, University Hall, and tells the story of the State Museum's earliest days. Visitors can interact with artifacts present from the earliest days of the museum collection and learn more about the museum's founding. (Play time ~ 15 minutes.)

"The Cave of Time" is a simulation of a Dakota sandstone cave with seven portals allowing visitors to travel to seven ages of Nebraska prehistory by visiting simulations that showcase different climates, landscapes and prehistoric animals. (Play Time ~ 45 minutes.)

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Intrigued? Check out some still images taken from within the experience!

Technical Notes: The web version of Expedition Nebraska is designed to be viewed via desktop and laptop computers using recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and the newest version of Safari. No special devices or equipment are needed to explore, and a minimum internet download speed of 10mbps is recommended.

The iOS and Android versions support most recent devices, and your device's app store will tell you if your device is not supported. We recommend downloading the app over Wi-Fi.

Finally, we will be bringing the experience to Oculus and Steam in late-winter.