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Nebraska Public Media hosts many virtual and in-person events for families and children!

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Upcoming Events

Celebrating Nebraska Pollinators Logo

Celebrating Nebraska Pollinators
May & June 2022

Nebraska Public Media is partnering with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bee Lab for programming inspired by My Garden of a Thousand Bees, the 40th-season-premiere episode of Nature on PBS.

Join us across Nebraska for activities that celebrate Nebraska's pollinators and native plants, and learn about how you can help support this essential part of our ecosystem.

Recent Events

Hero Elementary Image with Four Characters and Nebraska Public Media logo

Hero Elementary Virtual Family Science Event

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

This online event screened an episode of the PBS KIDS series Hero Elementary and did simple science experiments led by Nebraska’s Lead PBS Digital Innovator Allison Pontious of Oakdale Elementary in Omaha.

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Featured Science Experiments

Here are the instructions for the three science experiments featured in this event:

Equipment needed:

  • 1 notebook for writing down your observations
  • 1 pen or pencil
  • Room temperature water
  • Hot water
  • 5 clear plastic or glass cups
  • 4 paper towels
  • Red, blue, and yellow liquid food coloring
  • 1 bag of Skittles
  • 2 large heat-safe plates
  • 1 bar of Ivory soap. Be sure to use Ivory brand, because other brands will not work!
Hero Elementary's New Game!

If you want to practice your powers of observation, be sure to download the new Hero Elementary game “Operation Investigation.” Children and parents can help Sparks’ Crew find the best sidekick for Fur Blur while investigating, comparing and learning about animals. Download the game for free at the App Store or Google Play.