2023 Summer Activity Book

The summer is full of possibilities and so is your child! Spark your child’s curiosity and inspire everyday fun with the activities in this book!
New civics resources for young learners

City Island

City Island is a new series centered around social studies framework for young learners, including a focus on civics education, geography, and economics. City Island truly is a “living city” rich with iconic businesses, government institutions, and a diverse citizenry. In every episode, either through Watt's natural curiosity or an unexpected turn of events, Watt discovers a question, problem, or challenge that drives him to find a creative solution.
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Get age-by-age topics and activities for children ages 2-8 in these areas:

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PBS KIDS content helps preschool and school-aged children in each of the four key areas of childhood development – cognitive, social, emotional and physical. PBS KIDS content is designed to nurture a child’s total well-being.

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