New Tourism Program Focuses on ‘Nebraska’s Sleeping Giant’

New Tourism Program Focuses on ‘Nebraska’s Sleeping Giant’

LINCOLN, Neb. (Jan. 24, 2024) – Nebraska’s tourism industry is the third largest economic driver in the state, behind agriculture and manufacturing. A new “Connects” television production from Nebraska Public Media discusses how the state’s economy and Nebraskans can benefit from tourism.

“Understanding Tourism: Nebraska’s Sleeping Giant” premieres at 7 p.m. CT, Wednesday, Feb. 7 on the WORLD television channel.

Omaha's Old Market Candy Shop co-owner with his number one best seller.

The tourism industry includes restaurants, hotels, destinations, activities, unique businesses, natural wonders, vibrant cities and off-the-beaten-path towns. Several industry partners work together to make it successful. However, time and resources need to be devoted to tourism to raise awareness. If the “sleeping giant” of tourism stays asleep, the state’s economy suffers the consequences.

In “Understanding Tourism,” people who work in the industry discuss the importance of supporting tourism. Since all Nebraskans are affected by tourism, it’s in the state’s best interest to see it succeed.

The Nebraska tourism industry, along with its industry partners, work together to promote Nebraska. One way they do that is with the Nebraska Passport Program, where people can pick up a booklet and earn prizes to make as many stops as possible throughout a summer. This helps promote destinations people may not have known existed and also boosts business for those who take part.

Walking path leading to Chimney Rock.

With proper handling of resources and continued effort in the industry, the “sleeping giant” will awaken and Nebraska’s tourism potential will continue to succeed.

The “Connects” program “Understanding Tourism: Nebraska’s Sleeping Giant” is produced in cooperation with the Nebraska Tourism Commission.

Learn more about Nebraska Tourism and the “Connects” production, “Understanding Tourism: Nebraska’s Sleeping Giant” online at

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