Nebraska Public Media Foundation

Nebraska Public Media Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board directors represent statewide member interests.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to enhance the position of public television and radio in the state of Nebraska, and to facilitate its development through increased participation, guidance, financial support and oversight.

EIN: #86-2239027

Foundation Board of Directors

Annette Eisenhart
Annette Eisenhart, Chair, Culbertson, NE
Ann Finkner
Ann Finkner, Lincoln, NE
Dan Holtz
Dan Holtz, Nebraska City, NE
John Porter
John Porter, Omaha, NE
Hannah Connealy
Hannah Connealy, Whitman, NE
Carol Russell
Carol Russell, Omaha, NE (non-voting member)
Arpi Siyahian
Arpi Siyahian, Vice Chair, Lincoln, NE
Sharlette Schwenninger
Sharlette Schwenninger, Elwood, NE
Kathy Thuman
Kathleen Thuman, Lincoln, NE (non-voting member)
Jim Ulrich
Jim Ulrich, York, NE

Molly Delaney
Molly Delaney, Secretary, Lincoln, NE
Randy Hansen
Randy Hansen, Treasurer, Lincoln, NE
Mark Leonard
Mark Leonard, Asst. Secretary/Asst. Treasurer, Lincoln, NE
Portrait of Pam Brecka
Pam Brecka, Asst. Secretary, Lincoln, NE