Ricketts Pushes Back on Connecticut Bid for Pro-Choice Businesses

1 de juliol de 2022 a les 15:00 ·

Screenshot of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's video inviting Nebraska businesses to move
Screenshot of Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont's video inviting Nebraska businesses to move

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Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is pushing back against Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s invitation for businesses to relocate to his state, where abortion rights are protected.

The invitation to Nebraska businesses came in an open letter from Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz. In it, they say the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v. Wade will have far-reaching implications for businesses and workers located in states likely to severely limit access to reproductive rights in the coming weeks. “For many of you, we can imagine that new restrictions will feel like a betrayal and cause concern about where to live and work. Customers and employees alike will be attracted to states that protect reproductive rights for all,” the letter says.

Lamont also appears in a video, saying “This may be a time for you to think about taking a look at Connecticut as a place to move your business. A place maybe your employees feel more at home, perhaps you feel more at home; your customers can better identify with our values.”

Connecticut passed a law this year to protect women from other states who travel to Connecticut to get an abortion, and to protect clinicians who perform them.

Abortion is still legal in Nebraska. Gov. Pete Ricketts said following the Supreme Court decision he wants to protect “preborn babies,” but has not yet decided whether to call a special session to enact legislation.

But in response to Lamont, Ricketts said “Nebraska is a pro-life and pro-liberty state.” And he added ”Unlike the high taxes, expensive cost of living, high income inequality, and burdensome regulations in Connecticut, Nebraska is committed to making it affordable and easy to do business in the Cornhusker State,” inviting businesses to consider moving here.